Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 22, 2013

On the road to Holbrook, Arizona.

     Today is our oldest son's 38th birthday.  Who could believe that?  We can't be old enough!
Guess it is true, as we are old enough to be retired and be traveling around, which is a good thing.  

   The American Campground had a nice continental breakfast.  We enjoyed having that.  We were not in a hurry to leave, as we had an easy drive to Holbrook.  We knew it was going to be cold there, about 19 degrees that night, so we wanted to get there and get set up and get as "cold proof" as we could.  Al bought a trouble light and put it in the basement compartment that the water pump is in and drained all the lines.  We have heated holding tanks, so did not worry about them.  Had a full tank of propane so were ready for the cold. 
Crossed the Continental Divide on the way there.  Of course, a picture opportunity.

Gene snapped this picture at a rest stop when we left Albuquerque.
If you can't quite tell, that is an icicle from the water faucet.
OK Rv Park, Holbrook, Az.
This was another spot that was fine for the night.  Nothing to brag about, but it was quiet and we had lots of space to ourselves.

     An Italian restaurant was recommended and we had a very nice meal.  I had the stuffed mushrooms as a meal, and they were quite a meal.

 It did get down to 19 degrees.  We had two little ceramic heaters going in the main room and the propane furnace running, and it was actually warmer inside than the night before.  Al said because we did not have any wind.  The trouble light kept the compartment at a nice 32 degrees.  It was pretty chilly getting everything packed up and ready to go, but it is amazing how fast it warms up when the sun comes up.  Today's drive is going to be through some pretty country and some mountain climbs and 6% grades. 

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  1. You are brave souls weathering the cold temperatures. Bob can't walk fast enough to keep warm in the cold weather. It was in the mid 20's when we left this year, I put an electric blanket on the bed and ran the generator all night....still too cold for him.