Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Day at the Beach, Finally!

Wednesday,  March 19, 2014
Foley, Ala.

     We finally woke up to a really, really nice day.  We rode our bikes around the RV park a little and Al continued his waxing the iHome.  After lunch we loaded up and headed to the beach.  Paid the $5 parking fee and joined all the spring breakers on the beach.  The picture I took was definitely different from the one a few weeks ago.  No more beach to ourselves.

    In the parking lot we finally found some fellow Okies.  The first we have seen the whole time we have been here.
     This just happens to be the college our youngest son graduated from.  Glad to see the education process at work.  I am sure they must be studying marine biology.
   We unfolded our chairs, grabbed our Kindles and settled in.  It was hard to read as watching the spring breakers was so interesting.  There was a group of 4 guys in front of us playing a game of some kind of beer pong, but all the red cups were half full of sand.  They took turns tossing the ping pong balls into the cups.  Not sure the point of this, but it seemed to enthrall the four of them.  When they tired of that, they drew a circle in the sand and had some kind of a wrestling match.  That did not last long, as it seemed to really tire them out!
    Next two us were 3 girls in bikinis, (only one of them should have been) who had huge bottles of liquor that they were mixing together in a plastic tub.  I was hoping they did not pass out and wake up a few hours later burned to a crisp.
    Also in front of us were two young girls with their mothers.  I was surprised they let their mothers sit next to them.
    A young couple brought a chair out and sat over to the side of us.  They were probably 19 or 20.  She sat in front of him and they talked for at least an hour.  Just sat there and talked.  I asked Al if we had ever just sat and talked like that, but he couldn't remember either!
    Then we noticed a very young couple, didn't look over 18, walking together down the beach with about a 4 month old baby.  I told Al they were probably hired by parents to walk up and down the beach to remind all these young spring breakers that this is what happens to them if they don't practice birth control!  They were sitting with her young parents.
    We got some reading and people watching in and packed up and went to the Pink Pony and had a beer and fried pickles.  We were so glad that we finally had a really, really nice day at the beach.
    There was an RV open house at the new RV of one of our new friends.  They arrived with one RV, and are going home with a bigger, better one.  Made the mistake of going to the RV show in Biloxi a few weeks ago.  We all brought drinks and snacks.  Karen had fried fish outside on the grill.  An undertaking I would never consider, but she seemed to enjoy it!

     Thursday is going to be another great day and we plan to ride our bikes on the trails that we have not gotten to do.  Last minute bucket list check offs!

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  1. Don't you just love those white sand beaches? You certainly have utilized your time with many interesting jaunts, restaurants and friends.