Monday, March 10, 2014

Friday: A Good Day for Nachos

Friday, March 7, 2014
Foley, Alabama 

     Al was finally feeling up to us getting out of the RV park.  We decided that lunch out at the Pink Pony Pub down on the beach.  It was one of the first places we saw when we came here and were told they have huge nachos.  Our first surprise was finding out that where we had parked for free now costs $5.  Just to go to the restaurant we had to pay parking.  Our waiter said that when he first started working there he was paying $5 a day.  He finally found some one who had paid for a city parking permit (he also said they only give them to residents of Gulf Shores) and rides with him.  They definitely get a lot of money in parking.  One their side of things, they do pay for life guards, trash collection, police, etc on the beach. 

     I think the Pink Pony must have claimed this spot on the public beach a long time ago.  There is nothing else like it around, and you can see the condos looming in the back ground.
    The nachos were ok, just a lot of meat and cheese.  But, we had a nice view of the ocean and saw that the town was definitely getting ready for spring break.  Life guard stations were up and trash cans. 

     We tried sitting on the beach but the clouds would just not give up the fight and the breeze was a little cool.  So, WE gave up and drove back into Foley and walked around a tile and everything else store.  Trying to find a big cement pelican to put in our flower bed.  Didn't have any luck.
     That evening the club house was having happy hour for the group of RV's that came in, so we all went down to meet them and eat their free food and drink their free beer.  Spoken as true retirees.  Finally caught up with Karen and Alan, from Maryland.  They left one day in their 30 foot Bar Star and returned with a 38 foot Pallazo.  They made the fatal mistake of going to the RV show in Biloxi and found a deal they couldn't refuse!
We were all excited for them.  I think if you go to the shows on the last day, about an hour before they close, you can get some fantastic deals.  This is why we will stay away from them.
    I am starting to sniff and have a scratchy throat.  Keeping fingers crossed it will pass.

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