Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun Filled Lazy Days

February 3, 2013

     We have not been doing anything that would probably interest anyone but us!  Lots of bike rides, a trip to a shopping center and Michaels.  Now, Michaels really interested Becki and I and the guys had to come and drag us out after their too brief trip into KMart, which was nearby. 

    This park has a lot of activities listed on the schedule every day.  Cards, exercise classes, knitting, quilting, golf, hiking, pot lucks, bingo, etc.  The guys got up one morning and went on the organized hike.  It was about a 5 mile hike.  They enjoyed it and got to interact with some of the guests here.  Becki and I did some scrapbooking while they were gone.  I took my stuff to her trailer, as her table top is bigger than ours.  We thought we would see if we could do it without dragging all our stuff down to the hall.  Managed to get several pages done.  I am working on a Christmas book I had bought a Hobby Lobby years ago.  Thought it would be the perfect time to put our 2012 Christmas pictures in.  Becki is scrapping our trip, as we roll along.

     We are continuing to have our happy hours and dinners.  Al grilled chicken one night.  Just going to the grocery store, Walmart, and beer runs keeps us pretty busy!

     Friends from Bartlesville, Diane and George, are here in Mesa visiting George's parents for his mother's 88th birthday.  They have a park model home they visit every winter from Iowa.  Have done it for the last 20 years.  Worked out nice that we were all here at the same time.   We visited their winter home at the park  Good Life
This is an example of a  park model.   We had no idea what they were, but there are a million of them around here.   The Good Life park was much bigger than the one that we are camped in.  They had two big pools, 3 (?) hot tubs, great gathering places for happy hours, bocci ball courts, 4 new pickle ball courts, etc.  The guys were impressed with the wood shop.  Said it was pretty state of the art.  Also huge exercise room.  I can see why lots of people come there.   George's mom, Mary, said that they have a little block party every week on their street.  Mind you, this happens at about 3 pm.  And happy hour and Karoke starts at 4pm. 

 We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and bought cooked ribs and baked some potatoes, and added a salad.  Great dinner.

     On Friday evening we got a call that Al's 93 year old mother     had fallen and was taken to the hospital.  She has a crack in her femur and damaged some nerves in her leg.  As of right now, she will be in rehab for about 8 weeks.  Al has two brothers that live in the KC area, and several nephews and our son lives there .  They are keeping us informed. 

     Saturday there was a Pickle ball doubles tournament at the park.  We rode our bikes down to watch it.  After watching a bit, we decided we probably could have entered.  About half of them played like us and had to be told the rules.  The other half had their own pickle ball paddles and were quite good.  But it looked like everyone really had a good time.
The rest of the day we sat in the sun, read, and enjoyed the day. 
     We were to meet Diane and George and their family at 4:00 pm for dinner.  I know, I know.  It was a little early, but George's dad insisted we had to be at Organ Stop Pizza to beat the crowd.  We knew nothing about this place, but it is quite the tourist attraction.  Be sure to read about the organ.  It is pretty darn amazing.  The organ and player rises out of the floor.   We were surprised that the pizza was good, also.  George's dad was right.  By 5 pm there were hardly any tables.   After eating, we figured we still had time to have happy hour!  It was only 5:30!!!!!  We all had a lot of fun, lots of jokes about eating with the "seniors", and being some of the youngest people there.
Waiting to order pizza at 4 in the afternoon.

Some of the pipes


  1. Sounds interesting to me. This Park does seem to have a lot of activities. I love Bocci Ball. Used to do scrapbooking with my oldest daughter a few years ago. Right now I am trying to teach myself to crochet(yeah, right :) ) I had to laugh reading about grocery, Walmart and the beer runs !
    The Organ Stop Pizza is unique and it looks like George's dad was right about the timing, for sure.

    Very sorry to hear about Al's mother taking such a bad fall and hope she recovers without incident.

    Travel on lady and keep us updated.

  2. We used to have a pizza place with a pipe organ, called the "Paramount Music Palace". Pizza was marginal; the organ and the two organists were AMAZING.

    Love your blog, Cathie!