Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bella Terra RV Resort

January 23, 2014

     We left Vicksburg about 9 a.m. and pulled into Foley, Ala about 3 p.m.  It was a little harder drive (I think, as the passenger) than the other days.  More traffic and lots of 4 lane roads with stop lights and towns.  It is exhausting "helping" Al drive.   We did finally find a spot to have lunch and take the dogs for a walk. 
Lunch with the big boys!
    Bella Terra RV Resort Is quite a nice place to be for the next 5 weeks.  It is a Class A (like the iHome) only resort with restrictions on age and length.  The iHome just squeeked in on the length.  People by the RV spots here and then, I suppose, rent them out when they are not using them.   Great club house with exercise room, an infinity pool, sauna, hot tub, etc.
There is a lake where Al plans to practice his fly fishing.  They said there are small mouth bass in it for catch and release.  Yesterday we missed the movie, popcorn and beer, but today at noon was a hot dog lunch in the club house.  The resort provided the hotdogs, plates, etc and everyone brought a side dish.  Luckily, we had been to Walmart this morning and managed to put some grapes in a bowl and take that.
     We sat with one full time couple who is parked next to us.  They have a dog, so I told them right off that if they see us out with ours and we run the other way when we see them, to not be offended.  It is just that our dogs would rather eat theirs than look at them.  She said, "oh, I'm so glad to hear that.  Our dog hates other dogs, too".  We were kindred spirits and may just always travel with them!  She thought she was the only person with an unfriendly dog. 
     One of the dog parks is right next to us and we have been able to take them there and let them loose.  I stand as a watchout for unsuspecting dogs and their owners. 
The iHome is on the left.
The street we live on.
     There just happens to be a Tanger Outlet Mall down the road!  As luck would have it, I just got a coupon in email with and extra 15% off.  I told Al we needed to go as "he" needs some new shorts.  So tomorrow, a little shopping in on the agenda.  Then at 4, there is bingo and beer at the club house.  You can be sure we won't miss that, the beer part at least.

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