Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vicksburg, Ms

January 21, 2014

Sunrise on the Arkansas River

     Yesterday was a short 5 hour drive to Vicksburg.  We were here a few years ago, but got to the National Park about an hour before closing.  We put it on our "to return" list.
When I saw on the map that it was on the way to the Gulf Coast, we planned a stop.
   The Ameristar Casino RV Park sounded like the best place for our stay.  I always check the RV Park Reviews and read people's opinions and believe about half of it.   Another good deal for about $25 a night.  Our front window looks out on a big empty lot, which means we can keep the curtains open and goofy dogs won't be barking endlessly.

     A trip to the Welcome Center and a brief climb to a river overlook was it for our sightseeing.  After we got settled in to our spot, we took showers and felt human again, plus an involved phone call with our family member realtor about the sale of Al's mother's house, took up most of the rest of the afternoon.

     While Al was getting propane in Bartlesville, he struck up a conversation (who knew men talked to each other?) with a man there that recommended a restaurant in Vicksburg and said we had to have their Cream of Coconut pie.  They also specialize in fried chicken and were open on Monday evening.  Being the old couple that we now seem to be, we were there about 5:30.  Walnut Hills  
Delicious fried chicken!  No pictures, as our fingers were too greasy from devouring our finger lickin' good food.   We took a piece of the Cream of Coconut pie home.  Our waiter said it was his favorite and he had been there for 14 years and it was still the best.  We were more amazed that anyone had worked as a waiter in one place for 14 years than the fact that he still loved the pic.  Also no picture of the pie, but it definitely was the best!  I think I would work there for 14 years if I could have a piece every day.
     One last note about the food.  If, when in the south, a waiter mumbles something about peas as a side dish, do not be surprised when he arrives with a bowl of black eyed peas.  Thank goodness they were good and Al liked them. :)))

Sunset on the Mississippi

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