Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cold and Dreary Day

January 25, 2014                                                             Bella Terra RV Resort

     We are not immune to the unseasonably cold weather that everyone is experiencing.  We keep checking the weather channel and see that we are warmer here than at home, so that makes us feel a little better (or smugger might be the right word).

     There was a Rotary meeting in Foley on Friday.  It is a noon meeting at an old historic restaurant.  The Gift Horse Restaurant  It has an amazing buffet that was only $9, which included ice tea.  Not sure if this was a special Rotary rate or not.  The mayor happened to be the speaker and updated all the upcoming new bike paths, bridges, convention centers, etc that are in the works.  My ears perked up when a Hobby Lobby was mentioned.  Highway 59 seems to run down the middle of Foley (a very busy 4 lane) and a pedestrian
bridge is planned over "The Great Divide" as they called it.  It will even have an elevator to put your bike in and walking/biking paths planned to connect schools and parks.
Al in front of restaurant.  
     I forgot to take a picture of Al in front of the Rotary sign, so the restaurant will have to to.

     We stopped in at the Tanger Outlet Mall as the Izod was having a sale, but didn't find anything.  Too much trouble to take coats and sweaters off to try things on.  Also, I plan to be a size smaller for the upcoming golf season.  :)))))

     Bingo  and Beer was happening at 4, so we came back and took my required 10 minute nap.  Bingo cards were $.25 each and beer was free.  And all the pretzels you could eat, and Al managed to eat enough for both of us.  After my last yearly doctor's visit, I am tying to watch useless carbs and calories.  Sat at a table with  couples from Springfield, Missouri, New York and Maine.  We had the blackout jackpot winner at our table.  The Missouri couple loves Mexican food, so we have found someone to go eat with, and the man from Maine and Al are going to play golf on Sunday.  Now we just need to go back to Izod and buy Al some long golf pants as he did not bring any.   We just did not do a very good job of packing for this trip. 

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