Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday golf and flea markets

January 27, 2014                                                  Bella Terra RV Resort    Foley, Al

     We met a couple when we were playing bingo the other night, Ann and Dan.  (so glad they have rhyming names so we can remember)  They are from Maine and have been here since December.  Dan has been looking for a golfing partner and found one in Al!  They made a tee time for Sunday afternoon.  Ann asked if I would like to go to a couple of flea markets with her while they were golfing. 
     We went to two, but they were really just fleas, no market!  It was really kind of depressing.  I did find Alfie a nice little cigar box.  He likes to display his completed flies in them.  It would make a nice little gift box of flies for someone.  I have noticed a bunch of antique malls around here, so we might do that one day.  EVEN THOUGH.......I am getting rid of stuff, not collecting more.  
     She showed me some of the back roads to get around town easier and drove down to the beach when I told her we hadn't even seen it yet.  I forget how white the sand is.


    We are hearing that there is a good chance of snow and sleet tomorrow.  People here are going bonkers.  One of the local rv park residents said to stay off the streets, as no one around here knows how to drive in ice, snow, etc.  Sounds like good advice.  We have lots to keep us busy inside.  I have my scrapbooking and Al has his fly tying.  We may have to fight over the table.   There is a scrapbooking store close by, but I am trying to stay away from it. 

     Was a very nice 57 degrees when we got up with the dogs.  It has started raining.  Well, off to play in our house on wheels.  So nice to not have to do anything but what we want!

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