Friday, March 2, 2012

Arriving Oriental, NC

February 29 Leaving Charleston

I have missed a few days of our adventure that I will post later.  It is hard to be a tourist, entertain company and blog!  Not enough fingers and brain cells.
Tuesday morning our friends stopped in to say goodbye as they were headed back to Oklahoma.  We were also getting the iHome stowed away to leave.  Steve and Kathi were doing the same, as they were trying to get back to KC by Thursday.  Al and Steve's mom has been in the hospital in KC for a few days and Steve and Kathi are going to check her out today, hopefully, and take her to their house.  She is 92, and seems to be declining and needing a little more looking after than we all thought.  They do a great job of taking her to dr.'s appts, getting her to stores, and checking on her.  She wants to live independently but that may be coming to an end. 
We all said our goodbyes, and headed out.
Linus and Sue telling us good-bye.

 We stopped at the propane tank and filled our tank.  We only needed about 4 lbs or gallons or whatever it is you get.  I stay as far away as possible when all this is happening. 
Had a very uneventful drive to Oriental and arrived about 3:30.  My brother, Bub, was there to show us where the iHome would be parked.  Not exactly a campground, just a spot where someone has put in water, sewer and elec and the lots are owned by people who use them in the summer, mostly.  No shower, bath house, etc.  Just a nice place to call home for a few days.   Also, no internet.  This is the land of Verizon, so we have limited coverage with at&t, but do have some so I can use my iPad and iPhone at the RV.  I have not been blogging as when I come to Bub's or Ginny's (my other brother's wife) we are too busy drinking, eating and talking.

Bub has been baking breads, so every evening we have a nice bread to go along with our wine.  The first evening we had a tyme, tarragon, marjoram, olive salad topping Focaccia.
Gail fixed a shrimp casserole and Ginny mad the Raamen Noodle salad.
Bub and Gail

Ginny and Al
 We have been enjoying just doing nothing.  There is a nice big field by the iHome that we can walk the dogs in.  Oriental does not have a leash law (our worst nightmare with the Cujos), so we don't walk in the neighborhoods.   Yesterday we went to one of the little shops and contributed to Oriental's economy.  Al got a new pair of Keen sandals, a hat and a warm fuzzy shirt/jacket.    Also walked over to Oriental Marina & Motel to make reservations for for several family members for our family reunion in July. 

Wednesday evening we had happy hour at Ginny's house.  Silly me, I thought happy hour was at 5pm, but around here it is 4pm, as they all seem to go to bed early.  Which is fine with us.  We can't stay up past 10pm.  Bub had made bagettes, brought the leftover Focaccia bread, artichoke dip, the olive salad and I had bought some habanero garlics in oil.

Al will swear that I ate 3/4 of the garlics that are gone.  He thinks he slept with one big garlic that night.
This, and wine was our dinner.  Some of Ginny's friends also stopped by to enjoy. 
Me and our Ginny!

Digging in.

Being silly!  Can't imagine why.
Gail had made us a coffee cake and a banana bread to take to our iHome.  We sure have enjoyed having that for breakfast.  It sure did wreck my diet.  I will blame it all on the coffee cake, not the beer, wine, breads, french fries, fried green tomatoes, chips, etc.
We have not broken into the banana bread yet.  One temptation at a time.