Thursday, February 14, 2013

Al's Boulder Hike

 February 13, 2013
 Hike Monday, Feb. 11

     Al signed up for a hike that was rated "hard".  It was called a boulder hike, and there was even a sign up sheet for lessons on how to hike on boulders.
     He left at 8:00 am with the group and they drove to an area outside of Joshua Tree National Park.  I will let pictures tell the story, as I was not there.  Bet you could have guessed that!

Scooting down big rocks!

Looks like ankle breakers to me!

Some places they had to crawl through.

King of the mountain?

     Al said he had a blast and loved the boulder hopping.   He has climbed many mountains in Colorado but had never been on anything like this.  The difference was amazing to him.  He wished his hiking buddy Keith was here to experience it with him.


  1. Always knew he was a little on the crazy side.

  2. Al now has to go hiking in the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas or maybe rock climbing. 30 miles of hiking trails and the scenery is beautiful. Did a post on it. As for us we enjoy from the viewpoints.
    Amy and John