Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sheild's Date Garden

February 16

     The Sheilds Date Garden was on our list of "must do" while we were in this area.  I have been reading about the date shakes for a year on different blogs of people who have wintered here.  Our friends also told us there was a nice patio restaurant and was a great place to have breakfast.  We also wanted to go to one of the open air markets, so we left the houses at 8.  We think Becki was awake.  Her eyes were open and she was walking.
    It was about a 30 minute drive to Sheilds.  The patio dining was really nice and I guess we were up earlier than most people, as there was no trouble getting a table.  I had to go with the House Special, and had the date pancakes.  They were delicious.
Ready to go shopping!

Date pancakes. 
We should have taken the pictures before we ate all the food. Dirty Dishes!

    After breakfast we did a little shopping at the garden shop connected to the cafe, and then went to watch the movie, The Romance and Sex Life of the Date.  We were prepared for anything, but were happy/disappointed(?) there were no bare bodies involved.
  It was too early and I was too full for a date shake, so we decided we would come back another day.  We did manage to sample several of the different kinds of dates.  Well, most of us did, anyway! 

  We drove back to the Sands and let the dogs go potty and picked up our car.
The afternoon before, one of our low tire warnings went off in the Subaru.  Al aired it up and on Saturday morning it was down quite a bit, so we figured there was a nail in it.
I found a tire repair shop not far from us, so we dropped it off.  They were busy, and said it would be 5:30 pm or so before it would be done.  They would call.  Ha!   Gene drove us to the outdoor market.  It was much smaller than the one in Mesa, and all we bought were some leashes and a collar for Beau.  The leashes are guaranteed not to tangle when both dogs are on them.  They both clip onto one handle.  It can be used with one leash or both.  Beau got a martingale collar, as he backs out of his collar and harness.  So far, they have worked great.   I also bought a loaf of organic date bread.  We are still eating on it. 
  The bike shop was our next stop,  where we looked at and bought my new bike.  

     Becki suggested we take our happy hour food and drink down to the pool area for a little change of scenery.  Great idea. 
The moon above the palm.

Young love!


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