Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sands & The Wind Blew In

Travel Day, February 6

     We planned on leaving the RV park by 9:30, and we did!  I think that was a first.
Going over our iTowed hook up check list.

Becki show how she helped Gene backup to hook up trailer.
Trick or Treat

     The drive to Desert Hot Springs, CA was an easy one.   Only hitch was Gene found his refrigerator door had opened and a few things fell out.  The tragedy was one of them was a beer that partially opened.  Beau offered to come and lick it up for them.   Babe and Beau have taken to "trick or treating" at Becki's trailer.  She always has a carrot for them.   They have learned to run to their campsite. 
     Arrived at Sands RV Resort mid afternoon.  There was a slight mix up about our reservations.  We had called and wanted to arrive 4 days early.  They were able to do that, but thought we wanted to shorten our stay by 4 days.  Got it all straightened out and they gave us the monthly rate, as we were going to be here 3 weeks, and it was cheaper for us.  We may decide to stay the whole 4 weeks. 

     We got settled in our spaces, then took a bike ride to check out the ammenities.  They have converted a couple of the tennis courts into Pickle Ball courts, so we were happy to see that.   Nice pool with a view of the beautiful green golf course, two hot tubs, and a fantastic game room.
 The rv spots are close together, but have hedges in between each place, so there is really more privacy than if we were farther apart.  It is a very quiet park.  I don't know where all the people go during the day.  We do see lots of people walking buy pushing their golf carts on the way to the course.

Thursday, Feb. 7

     A trip to K-Mart in the morning and a hunt for Pickle Ball paddles.  We are bound and determined to find some.  Were told that another rv park had them for sale, but it was a wild goose chase.  The guys had decided to attend a noon Rotary meeting.  Becki and I dropped them off and hunted for a spot for our lunch.
Just a pic to prove we don't always drink alcoholic beverages.

The clubhouse for the Rotary Meeting

Al and Gene at the meeting.
     After coming back to the Sands, Gene, Becki and I headed to the pool.  Al went to the driving range.  While lounging by the pool, we could watch him hit balls.

Made this pic smaller so I would look smaller!

     The weather had been forecasting cooler weather and storms coming through, and later that night it did.  The wind started howling and rocking the rvs.  We pulled our big slide in around midnight.  At least we were just expecting wind and a little rain and colder weather.  Not feet of snow!


  1. You crack me up...and here all along I have been making my pictures bigger..for the eyesight...never did think about smaller so I look smaller... I have solved the dilemma though...I just take the pictures..Ha ha Looks like you folks are having great fun

  2. Looks like another great campground. Desert Hot Springs is built over one of the world's largest hot springs aquifer.
    What are your plans after this destination?
    We are just relaxing and catching up on those menial chores that one keeps putting off. Til next time.
    amy and john