Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rotary and the Oscars

Oscar ballots
February 24
Palm Springs

     Al and Gene having been going to the Tuesday, 7 a.m. meeting of the Palm Springs SunUp Rotary. 
Good Looking Rotarians

At the last meeting they were invited to join the Oscar party they were having at The Falls Restaurant.  It started at 3:30 p.m.  Love this California time.

    Becki and I had signed up for a water color art class here at the Sands.  We were assured that "anyone" could do this.  Luckily, we just trace the object, then paint in the colors.  The subject today was lemons.  Can't say that we are artists, but it was fun learning the water color process.  I came home and hung my picture on the refrigerator.
I do not understand shading, so my lemon was in full sun!
We rushed back from the lesson and put our "glam" clothes on, which meant our good jeans.
  The group had decorated the private dining room with lots of Oscar items.

Of course, we had to have our pictures taken on the Red Carpet.

Next, we had to fill out our ballots.  There was also a trivia question sheet to fill in, and a trivia trophy to award.

Helping Al with his picks.

We got to look at but did not win the trivia Oscar.   
      We tried to stay to the end, but everyone seemed to have the same idea we did.  "Let's go home and watch the end in our jammies".   We decided that anyone who stayed was probably going to win one of the prizes, as there would only be about 3 people left. 
     From our little group, Al had the most correct picks!  He got 5 right.  Considering we only saw one of the movies, he did really well.
    As we were leaving, they gave us a spare trophy.  We decided it was a trophy for coming the farthest. 
We were s humble,


and surprised!!!!