Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Best Day On The Beach!

Saturday, March 1, 2014
Foley, Alabama

     This morning we got up and around, packed our clothes in a Chico's shopping bag, packed the dogs travel bag and headed out the door about 8 a.m.  Spending the night in the condo with our friends.  Dropped the dogs off at the kennel, had the vet tell us once again that the most viscous dogs are "blond" (she is buff) female cocker spaniels.  I told him I had met many BUFF cockers who were the friendliest dogs around.  Just as a side note, my neighbor told me the retired vet is a registered sex offender.  Yep, he is.  Looked him up.  Not the best recommendation for the kennel, but they had the best hours for taking and picking up so the dogs don't have to stay longer than we want.  We really liked the woman who tends to the dog and she did not have a problem with Babe and was happy to see them again.  So, we took a deep breath and left them.
     Got to the condo in time to drink coffee and watch the morning walkers.  We decided a few hours on the beach was a perfect idea as it was  a perfect day.   The day before Sue and Peggy had sat on the beach and did a little digging in the sand and found some neat shells that we had not seen on the beach.  Sue says she "found" a little blue sand shovel that some little child had left on the beach.  We are not quite sure if this is really how she acquired the little blue shovel.  We kept looking for a crying child and an angry parent!  She did manage to find a lot more shells with the shovel.
     At some point in the last year or so, sand had been pumped onto the beach from the ocean to form a ledge of beach and sand.  In that sand are some great shells from the bottom of the ocean.  I don't know if this was done because of hurricanes, or the oil spill.
     It is a bit addicting, sitting on the sand and digging for shells.  As much fun as panning for gold.  Just now quite as rewarding.  Pretty soon, we had the guys joining in.

     Sorry about my finder on the last picture.  I can't seem to crop it out.   After about two hours of digging, we took a little stroll at the water's edge.

     After our hours on the beach, we went back to the condo and took naps!  All that digging, walking and sun was exhausting.  The guys went for a food and beer run and to get scallops and shrimp for dinner.  There are barBQ grills for the guests of the condos to use and they planned to do the grilling.  Linus and Keith took charge of wrapping the scallops in bacon and putting the shrimp on skewers.
 View from the balcony of the guys grilling our dinner.
      They cooked it to perfection!  Al and I are going back and getting more scallops to grill.

     After dinner we taught them to play 3 13, a card game we have learned while on this trip.
     Don't let the plastic glass Peggy has in front of her fool you, that is wine in there, not water.



  1. Know you will miss those beautiful beaches. Is there a vacation or permanent condo in the future? Read you comments about the kennel and was wondering if you ever tried Petsmart. We kenneled Destiny with them at different locations and never had a problem.
    Safe travels back home.

  2. Amy, no condo in our future. We are not ready to be tied down to one vacation spot.
    Have never tried Petsmart. Did not know that they did kenneling. Most the places we seem to go, don't have PetSmart or PetCo close by. We will be here until about the 22nd, then head home. Taxes are calling our name, and it will be the beginning of golf season at home.