Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunday Brunch

Sunday, March 2, 2014
Gulf Shores

     What a lazy bunch we are, except for Al.  He was up and out the door about 6 to walk on the beach.  I got up a little before 7 and sat on the balcony watching the waves.  And did a little waving at Al as he came up the beach back to the condo.
     The others in the condo came straggling out at different times.  We had reservations at the Harbor Grill for 11 for the brunch, so we basically spent the morning drinking coffee and getting our showers.   We did get to see some dolphins this morning!
     They really are out there in this picture.

     Arrived at the Harbor Grill a little before 11 and watched the boats.  It was a nice sunny, warm day.

    The meal was, once again, very, very delicious.  Though, we did have a very chatty, overly friendly waiter.  We know way more than we want to about his life.   Al and I hit the endless champagne , this time instead of the bloody Mary's.

     I guess you could label us "the happy drinkers".    And yes, we did finally eat some food.

     After lunch, we all waddled over to the big tourist attraction shop (junk) and had the photo opp. 
    We did buy a large shell wind chime to put on our patio.  It is not obnoxious, so Laurie and Farrah do not have to worry about the noise coming from our patio. 
    By the time we got back to the condo, we all needed another little nap.  Al tried to convince me he was really watching golf, but I recognize the closed eyelid look.  We wanted to pick the dogs up before 4 pm. so gathered our "luggage" and drove back to Foley.  Babe and Beau were very happy to see us.  The kennel help said Babe did just fine.  She would follow her outside to potty.  Did not need to put a leash on her.  But she would not let her put the eye drops in that morning.  I have to corner her to do it. 
     We spent some time with the dogs and then went back to the condo to watch the Oscars.  We were all pretty tired, and I am not sure the guys really were into watching. 
   It was time to say good bye to good friends, as they were leaving in the morning.   We sure enjoyed their stay.  Being on the beach was a lot of fun.  And shopping with my girlfriends is the best!

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