Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cough, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze!

Monday, March 3, 2014
Foley, Ala

     Al woke up with the beginning of a head cold.  We were hoping that it was just allergies and treated it that way all day.  We were both exhausted from our days of partying with our friends.  I spent most of the day watching Justified on my iPad on the bed.   It is a great series.  I get it with our Amazon Prime membership.  It is not available on Netflix.
    That evening we decided we needed to make a trip into the drug store to get Al some allergy medicine and pick up some dinner.  The CVS had a frozen food section, so we just grabbed some pizza so we didn't have to make another stop. 
    Not a real exciting day or evening, and there were more like it to come.


   It was a rainy day and I didn't know if it was wetter outside or inside with all the sneezing and coughing Al was doing.

   We had no food, so I braved the drizzle and drove to Walmart.  My most disliked place to be, but could get all the food we needed in one stop.  The rest of the day was spent taking dogs in and out, watching Justified and feeling bad for Al, as he was getting more miserable by the minute.  We now decided he had a head cold.  And a fever.


   A little improvement with the head cold, at least he felt like taking the dogs out with me.  There was a 3 pm showing of the movie The Butler at the clubhouse, so I went down to watch it.  We had a full house for the movie this time.  I was not enthralled with the movie but did think Oprah did a really good job. 


  He's alive!  Still a bit of a cough, but not sneezing and snorting!  The club house had birthday cake and ice cream in the afternoon for all the March birthdays, so we went down to enjoy.  Talked to two couples we had not chatted with before.  Found out about some good RV parks in other areas and shared a few that we knew about.  One couple is traveling with 6 dogs.  I think 4 of them are standard poodles.  We give them lots of credit.  Our two cockers take up more room than we ever imagined. 

    An RV group is coming here for the weekend and they started rolling in today.  The empty places around us are filling up. 
   I am knocking on wood that I will not get the head cold.  Guess I could take bets on it!

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  1. Do hope Al is better..I swear by vick's and cepacol cough drops.
    6 dogs..are you serious..1 was all we could handle. Vicks' is also good for taking itch out of mosquito bites.
    Beautiful day in LV..Nascar here for weekend.