Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catching up

January 30. 2013  Wednesday

     We have had several days of drizzle, rain, and mist.  It was really nice, as we needed some days to just rest up and laze around.

     One morning we went to Becki's for pancakes and mimosas.  I supplied the strawberries for the pancakes.

There was a little ping pong actions:

 And a little card playing.  We taught the guys to play Hand and Foot.

 One day we sent the guys to a museum and we took our supplies to the north hall and did some scrapbooking.
 The guys visited the  Commerative Air Force Museum and saw lots of interesting planes.  I am sure they were interesting, but Becki and I were glad we stayed home and scrapped.

I also finished one of the Valentine dresses I am knitting for my granddaughter's American Girl dolls.  Shhhh!  Don't tell.  It's a surprise for their Valentine's day present.

Saturday morning on the agenda for the park was breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy that was on the schedule for 8 am.  Becki opted out, Gene went down ahead of us and we got there about 8:20.  Well, we learned a lesson fast.  8 a.m. means 8 a.m.!  They scraped the bottom of the scrambled eggs and gave us two dried out biscuits.  You snooze, you loose.  We did have a nice visit with some of the men.  It looks like more men than ladies come.  Think the wives all boot the husbands out the door so they can have a morning alone!
Sunday night there was an ice cream social at 6pm.  We had happy hour at 5, guzzled our drinks and snacks down, then you can be sure we were there a little before 6.  We picked the lucky table to sit at, as our row was picked for first in line.  There seems to be some card drawing system for determining who goes first.  It was also birthday and anniversary celebration, so there was cake.  We filled up on that and decided we really didn't need dinner.  They must all eat at 4!

It was a good time to visit with others and get some ideas of things to do.   One man told us of the town (really a dot in the road), Tortilla Flats.  Said it was a pretty drive and good lunch.   We had decided to take a short hike in the morning, but it was still pretty chilly, so we put it off til afternoon.  We took the drive to  Tortilla Flats and had lunch in the interesting diner.  Wall, ceilings, posts, bar---everything was covered in $1 bills. 

Becki and Al had a Superstition Mule Oil beer.  They said you could only get it at this restaurant.
It was served in jars. 
Becki and I went to the bathroom and became dance hall girls.  We don't know what the guys became, because they wouldn't go in and take pictures!

I think I picked the right stall.  Look at that cleavage, not to mention the rest!  The lunch was really good and it was a fun little place to stop. 

   The dogs do fine in the RV while we are gone.  We always leave the tv on rather loud and run a fan, hoping that they won't hear noise outside and bark and make a nuisance.    As far as we can tell, this is what they do:
Beau thinks he is going to drive, while Babe works on the computer.
This was a training session.  We were working on not barking at every noise.  I had a carrot in my hand.  They are as good as gold as long as I have carrot. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Superstition Mountain Museum

January 25, 2013
Woke up to a balmy 60 degrees this morning!

     We started the day with mimosas at Becki and Gene's at 9a.m.  They were very refreshing!  (and Becki was actually awake)

 There is a pickle ball court here.  Pickle ball info  A l and I had never heard of it, but Becki and Gene had and wanted to check it out.  Gene and Al decided they could enter the pickle ball tournament on Saturday.

    We rode our bikes down to the courts and they all played a little.  After my sacroiliac problem, which is still iffy, I decided I had better not push my luck with all that fast movement.  I just watched.  There is also a really nice putting green and chipping area and a hitting net.  Al had brought a wedge, so I played around with it.  Then he took over.

We rode our bikes some more around the park and found the dog park.  As we were looking at it ladies came in with tiny dogs that would make Babe a tasty appetizer, so figured we would never be going there.

The afternoon was a trip to the Superstition Mountain Museum.  Superstition Mt. Museum   It was a tiny museum, large gift shop and nice little walking trail around the area.
 This sign had Becki pushing us all in front of her on the walk!

 The two surviving buildings from Apacheland are here.  Apacheland

     Of course, we had to have fun in the Elvis Chapel.  Do you think he is really an ordained minister?  

 They do actually have wedding here, minus Elvis. 

What can I say?  We are kids at heart and Becki and I need some fun pictures for our scrapbooking.

Groceries, Laundry and Hamburgers

January 24, 2013

    Today was just a "get acquainted with our surroundings" day.  Becki and I went grocery shopping while Gene and Al got the parts to fix the toilet in Gene's trailer.  Hmmm, sounds a bit like gender specific chores.  We took several bike rides and just enjoyed the day.
     Forgot to mention yesterday that I guess my ankle I broke in May does not like the change in altitude or the 4 days of driving.  I was shocked to see how swollen it was.  Got my ice pack in the freezer and got it on it later.
Happy hour was in the iHome at 5pm.  No pictures of the goodies.  We were too busy eating.  The grocery store had an olive bar and I took advantage of it.   Al cooked us hamburgers and we had our first official meal with Becki and Gene in the RVs.
Not the best picture of everyone.  They will learn to pose fast when they see me with my iPhone in hand.
     I cooked some brownies in the convection/microwave and they actually cooked.  I do not understand this appliance and the instruction book is useless.  Luckily it had a button that said "brownies".  There are several other foods listed on the front of the microwave, so I guess as long as I have those instructions I can bake a few things:  cakes, brownies, muffins, french fries.  Takes care of my food groups! 

     Becki bought ice cream, so we had a progressive dinner and had ice cream and brownies at their place.  She also brought a can of pumpkin for the pups, so they came too and ate pumpkin.  Beau made himself at home.
Babe discovered a strange tree on our walk and had to check it out.

January 23, 2013

Arriving Apache Junction
Weaver's Needle RV

 Snow in the pass

We had a beautiful drive into Apache Junction and only had one driving error due to a "no left turn sign" where we were supposed to turn left.  We put our faith in Gabby (our GPS named as such because she never shuts up) and she brought us to our home for two weeks.
We unhooked the iTowed in front of the office and an office helper directed Al to the spot and helped him back in.  Gene and Becki are right across from us.
 All set up and relaxing.
Gene and Becki had a couple of little problems, which seems to be normal for the RV life.
When they hooked up the fresh water line they didn't realize that the faucet in the tub/shower was on, and they had a little water flooding in the bathroom and bedroom.  Nothing a little mopping up with towels and a fan doesn't fix.  (and a beer)  Then they discovered that a little water had been left in some connection in their toilet and it froze and broke the line.  Luckily, there is an rv store close by and he got it fixed the next day.

    We have no one on our door side for about 3 spaces and the man on the other side works from 3pm to 11pm, so he is never around.  There is a unit for sale across from us and it is empty, so it is a good spot for people who have two dogs that love to bark at moving objects.  We can actually open the curtains.

     It is a great place for bike riding.  Extremely level!  In fact, I think the only unlevel spot is where our front wheels go.  We had to work for quite a while and put 3 boards under the front tires to get the iHome level, but we finally managed it to my perfectionist husbands liking.  I really have to say that this is the only drawback to this spot.  Finally able to put out all the rugs, chairs, coolers, bikes, etc.  We are home!
    The first thing we did was put our shorts and sandals on.  Then we hopped on the bikes.  The guys found the woodworking building and talked to one of the "old timers", not quite sure what that means, as everyone here is "old"!
They do recycle here, which is nice.

     We were told that bingo was going to be played in the hall at 7pm and that they served hot dogs, so we thought that sounded fine for dinner.  Got down there and found they quite serving hot dogs about 6:30.  We also realized that this was not just a little bingo game!  These were serious people with little dauber carriers!  We were definitely out of our league.  Ran into town and ate at a quick Mexican place.  
     I think we are really going to enjoy this little rv park.  Lot of little stand alone units that people have purchased and come and stay in for 4 to 6 months.  Everything is very neat and clean.  Lots of activities or the "seniors".

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 22, 2013

On the road to Holbrook, Arizona.

     Today is our oldest son's 38th birthday.  Who could believe that?  We can't be old enough!
Guess it is true, as we are old enough to be retired and be traveling around, which is a good thing.  

   The American Campground had a nice continental breakfast.  We enjoyed having that.  We were not in a hurry to leave, as we had an easy drive to Holbrook.  We knew it was going to be cold there, about 19 degrees that night, so we wanted to get there and get set up and get as "cold proof" as we could.  Al bought a trouble light and put it in the basement compartment that the water pump is in and drained all the lines.  We have heated holding tanks, so did not worry about them.  Had a full tank of propane so were ready for the cold. 
Crossed the Continental Divide on the way there.  Of course, a picture opportunity.

Gene snapped this picture at a rest stop when we left Albuquerque.
If you can't quite tell, that is an icicle from the water faucet.
OK Rv Park, Holbrook, Az.
This was another spot that was fine for the night.  Nothing to brag about, but it was quiet and we had lots of space to ourselves.

     An Italian restaurant was recommended and we had a very nice meal.  I had the stuffed mushrooms as a meal, and they were quite a meal.

 It did get down to 19 degrees.  We had two little ceramic heaters going in the main room and the propane furnace running, and it was actually warmer inside than the night before.  Al said because we did not have any wind.  The trouble light kept the compartment at a nice 32 degrees.  It was pretty chilly getting everything packed up and ready to go, but it is amazing how fast it warms up when the sun comes up.  Today's drive is going to be through some pretty country and some mountain climbs and 6% grades.