Saturday, January 26, 2013

Groceries, Laundry and Hamburgers

January 24, 2013

    Today was just a "get acquainted with our surroundings" day.  Becki and I went grocery shopping while Gene and Al got the parts to fix the toilet in Gene's trailer.  Hmmm, sounds a bit like gender specific chores.  We took several bike rides and just enjoyed the day.
     Forgot to mention yesterday that I guess my ankle I broke in May does not like the change in altitude or the 4 days of driving.  I was shocked to see how swollen it was.  Got my ice pack in the freezer and got it on it later.
Happy hour was in the iHome at 5pm.  No pictures of the goodies.  We were too busy eating.  The grocery store had an olive bar and I took advantage of it.   Al cooked us hamburgers and we had our first official meal with Becki and Gene in the RVs.
Not the best picture of everyone.  They will learn to pose fast when they see me with my iPhone in hand.
     I cooked some brownies in the convection/microwave and they actually cooked.  I do not understand this appliance and the instruction book is useless.  Luckily it had a button that said "brownies".  There are several other foods listed on the front of the microwave, so I guess as long as I have those instructions I can bake a few things:  cakes, brownies, muffins, french fries.  Takes care of my food groups! 

     Becki bought ice cream, so we had a progressive dinner and had ice cream and brownies at their place.  She also brought a can of pumpkin for the pups, so they came too and ate pumpkin.  Beau made himself at home.
Babe discovered a strange tree on our walk and had to check it out.


  1. It is such fun traveling with buddies, isn't it? It is almost a vacation from the vacation if there is such a thing. I hope your ankle doesn't continue to cause problems for you.

  2. It's so nice to follow your travels. It may be the only way I get to see so many nice places. I love that you and Al are doing what most of us dream about. Safe travels !