Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Foley, Ala

     After Dan and Anne left on Saturday, we had a couple more hours of no rain, then the drizzle started.  Decided it was a good day to go to the new Rouses grocery store down by the beach.  It was so interesting watching all the spring breakers in the store stocking up for the week.  Beer, beer, mixers and more beer.  This is what the guys bought.  The girls were getting bread, meat, cookies etc.  Hope they all got together so they could share.  One kid bought himself a chicken dinner.  One of his friends asked him if that was all he was buying and his answer was "I'm hungry now".  Course the kid who asked him had very red, spaced out eyes.  :)))   Ah, to be young and have enough money to spend spring break on the beach.
    We were after the scallops and picked up a filet also.  By the time dinner time rolled around, it was drizzly and cold, but Al persevered and grilled up the scallops and the filet and the asparagus.  I microwaved a potato!
    It was a fine dinner:
      The filet was really not that over done.

     Sunday:  More Rain, rain, rain.  The only good part of this is I am able to watch Justified on Amazon Prime, non stop!  I am in season 4.  Will definitely be a sad day when I have watched all the seasons.   I love this guy.
     Sunday afternoon there was green beer at the club house.  Not a big crowd, as it was pouring down rain and no one wanted to get out.  I talked to two ladies that were here from the Chicago area that were looking at lots to buy.  In fact, they had been interested in the lot our iHome was on.  We talked to them about the pros and cons of this lot.  Biggest con is how wet it is.  Lots of water seems to drain into it from the dog park.  We saw them the next day and they had decided on a lot further around in one of the undeveloped areas.  I had put split peas and ham hocks in the crock pot in the morning and we had a delicious meal for supper.

    Monday was St. Patrick's Day.  We made a run to Walmart as I had signed up to bring desserts.  3 dozen cookies were soon in our cart.  Also went to the Dollar Tree to find something green to wear.  The only thing left in the store was one bunch of green plastic carnations.  Better than nothing!   I put the cookies on a platter and cut the carnations off the stem and tucked them in around the cookies.  I guess I neglected to take a picture.

     I found it rather amusing that as we were finishing this fine lunch, I noticed several women had green carnations in their hands.  Looked at my cookie platter and my carnations were gone.  Have to say, this is the first time my table decorations have been taken by lunch goers.  Glad I only paid a dollar for them!


  1. So fun catching up on how you have enjoyed LA! We've done much the same...some not so much! Our clubhouse not so active so we have to get out and find our fun! check out our blog .... maybe something you missed! Have fun...we leave soon! I'm following you on RVillage now!

    1. Thanks for your reply. I have been following your blog for sometime. At one time we were interested in a Casita. Then realized that with two dogs and us it would not work. We have found several fun places to visit here at the Gulf Coast thanks to your blog.