Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beignets and Beach

Sunday, March 10
Foley, Ala

     Saturday evening we made plans to meet the couple with 6 dogs, 4 of them standard poodles, at the beignets cafe.  We had a really enjoyable time discussing traveling with dogs, the how tos, the disadvantages, etc.  We spent at least two hours drinking lots of coffee and talking.
     After we parted we decided to stop at the beach.  It was a nice day and we wanted to see if we could find some more shells.  We did find a nice deserted beach without the spring breakers.  We watched the waves and found dolphins.  Walked up and down the beach and did some digging, but no luck with the shells.

    Al had been to the Coleman store in Foley and noticed a nice motor cycle cover for only $30.  Not that we have a motorcycle (nor will ever have), but it was the perfect for our two bicycles.  When it rains, he has put a tarp over them which was ok, but not perfect when it was windy.   Now we have an easy cover to put on and take off.  And we look so stylish.

     And any man riding by might just think Al has a nice Harley under that cover.
     We pulled out some of our green Mardi Gra beads and decorated for St. Pat's. Day.

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