Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Talent Show at the ClubHouse

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Foley, Ala

     Orange Beach was having an Arts and Crafts fair we thought would be interesting to view, so thought we would take a chance at finding parking and drove on over.  We passed by the Park and Ride lot, not going to fool us twice.  We did notice that they had a little larger buses running this time, but there was still a line of people waiting.  Found a little place to park for $5 and had a short walk to the fair.  People were coming in droves, mostly senior citizens. 
Water Front Park

     We saw lots of art, potter, jewelry, etc.  It was a very nice juried show.  The most interesting artist was the man demonstrating how he makes his pottery.  He puts some sort of copper glaze on it, then cools it at different temperatures to get different colors.  People were picking out the style of pottery thy wanted and he worked on it right there for them.  He was busy all day!  Smart man.  You can see some of the pottery in the back ground of the picture.
     There was a small kids area with arts and crafts to make.  I thought the jelly fish umbrellas was the most innovative.  For $5 the kids got an umbrella and were then able to decorate them with lots of fun stuff,  Feather boas, crepe paper streams, lots of foam stickers, etc.  This would be a great fundraiser.  Not that I would ever want to be involved with all those kids! 
     I think they were getting ready for a little parade.  Good advertising.
    Our next favorite booth was the Kettle Corn.  We even waited in line to get the delicious bag of corn.  No pictures, as our hands were too sticky and salty to take a picture.  This was our lunch and a great lunch it was!
     The Resort was having a talent show at 7:30, so we had dinner and walked on down to the club house.  One of our new friends, Karen, was going to be performing.   The opening act involved all the girls who work for the resort and a couple of the guys who help out with maintenance, I think.  It was a very inventive synchronized swimming act and was really cute.

     The lady with the purple boa is Karen.  Her voice added a lot to the talent show.  She is quite a singer.   It was a fun evening and the place was packed.  Very good turn out.

     I felt the cold coming on, so we stopped at Target and I picked up some Cold-Eeze.  Also managed to make a quick stop at the dollar spot.  Oh how I have missed the dollar spot. 
Managed to pick up these cute beer cuzzies.

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