Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 February 13, 2013
Trip to Costco Friday Feb. 8

     We live about 3 1/2 hours from the closest Costco, which is located in the Kansas City area.  When we bought our Subaru Outback, to be our itowed vehicle for the iHome, Costco had an offer of a $500 gift card if a Subaru was purchased at a participating dealer.  Not sure how it all worked, but for the cost of a Costco membership we got the cash card.   As we visit our son in KC, this worked out to be a good deal for us.  We can run into Costco when we are in KC visiting.
    We were happy to find a Costco not far from the Sands.  Friday morning while the winds were blowing and it was cool we headed to Costco.

     With somewhat of a list in hand, we traveled up and down the aisles.  I have to say, a lot of stuff ended up in our carts we had no idea we needed.  If I lived by a Costco, I would never cook again.  There is so much at hand!  Not to mention the beer and wine!  We were in beer heaven.
Shelves and shelves of beer!
 We decided on the Kirkland brand of beer with a mixed group of flavors.  They are pretty darn good and was much cheaper than the "name" brands.  We would buy it again. 

K cup drawer for our Keurig
As we were about to check out, I spotted the k cup drawer.  The Keurig sits on top of it and it has 5 rows for the K cups.  It holds 35 cups.  Fits perfectly in the iHome and I will really enjoy having it at home.
     Then we found a nice battery operated lantern so Al can see what he is cooking outside after dark.  It would also be great for inside if we ever decide to boondock.  We could read by the light. 

    Becki bought this salsa that looked really good.  We had it for happy hour the other night and after one bite, everyone decided that it was all mine.  It was way too hot for them, though Gene did have a bit. 
     All the more me!  Yum.  I think I will be eating it for quite some time.  48oz!

     I did get the two American Girl Doll dresses made for my granddaughters and sent off for Valentine's day.

A teaser for another blog post!

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  1. By the way the Kirkland brand of TP is better than the brands they sell in camping stores. Will check out the lantern when we go to Costco. Also, their salmon is delicious.