Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mesa Market, SuperBowl

February 7, 2013
Market & Superbowl Feb. 3

 I am back tracking a little, as when we get into this RVing mode, it is hard to sit down and write about what we are doing.  We are just too busy having fun.

    Sunday morning we got up to go to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet.    Rows and rows of all kinds of stuff to buy!  I am a sucker for the "as seen on TV booths".  We picked up several items.  A nice cushy cushion with gel inside for Al to sit on when he has to sit on hard chairs.  He is one of those people who has a skinny butt and it hurts to sit too long.  I, on the other hand, have never experienced this problem. 
 First we  had to stop at the breakfast spot and get our $2 breakfast (with coupon you can get online).  Eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee.  We seniors have to take advantage of those early bird specials. 
     Rows and rows of good stuff to buy.  Becki found a 6 deck card shuffler for our Hand and Foot card games.
Becki and Gene keeping our fudge supply stocked up.

     Becki bought the above pants outfit, and insisted (really, Al, she insisted) that I buy one.  Here we are getting ready for our SuperBowl party in our matchy-matchy outfits.  They are very, very stretchy and comfortable.  The way we are eating and drinking we will need several of these outfits so we can have something to wear home.
Watching football and keeping ankle elevated.

Gene was enthralled with the game, Becki not so much.

     Discovered the Superbowl started here at 4:30!  Way to early!   Becki and Gene rode down to the pickle ball courts and played pickle ball during the first half, then came over for a little happy hour and game watching. 


  1. Anxious to hear about the gel cushion. Have been tempted to order a couple, but skeptical about those TV info ads.
    Love your outfits.

    1. Amy, was just rereading some of my blog entries and saw your comment. The gel cushin is great. He takes it to all his fly tying events so he can sit in the folding chairs.