Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bike Bit the Dust

     On my way home from the pool the other day,  I was making the last small hill to the iHome and needed to shift down to number one gear.  I have been having trouble with it since we got here and this time I managed to blow it completely up, if that is possible in derailleur language.   Luckily, I was only going about 0.0001 mph, as it seized up and I saved myself from being thrown over the handle bars.  When you are barely moving, the drama of stopping suddenly is pretty mild.  I had to push it the last few sites, while picking up the back tire, as it would not move.  I made it to Gene and Becki's and parked it there.  That is one heavy bike!   So much for $100 K-Mart bikes.
My pretty pink and black bike.
      I was so proud of it when I got it.  Who knew it would turn on me and try to buck me off one day?

  Al went to a bike store in Palm Springs and bought a derailleur or $30, brought it home and decided he really didn't want to put that much money in that bike.  He had looked at some really nice Townie bikes that he thought we should investigate.
     On Saturday we went to the market on Saturday morning after a breakfast at Sheilds Date Farm.  More on that in another blog.   We drove to  Palm Springs and visited the bike store and bought an Electra Townie.  We will pick it up on Tuesday.
It is a "step through bike", there is a little utube that shows a little about it.  Al likes it for me as it is safer for someone who is not real co-ordinated and physically fit, though he would never say that!  When you sit on it, your feet touch the ground when you come to a stop and put your feet down.  Also, great ratios for someone like me to get up small inclines, I consider a hill.  Electra Townie Bike

   This bike store also works with the city's homeless and we will bring my old bike and they will fix it up and donate it for us, so we don't have to mess with it.   A "win win".


  1. And will you name her Electra? My Schwinn's name is Lucy.

    1. Hmmm, will have to come up with something catchy and trendy!