Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Day In Arizona

February 9, 2013
Tuesday, Feb. 5

This will be our last full day in Arizona.  Becki, Gene and I started the morning off with Bloody Mary's.  We enjoyed them while Al started preparing the iHome for our travel day tomorrow.  We watched him to make sure he didn't work too hard.    
Checking tire pressures and putting on Tire Minders

      We rode our bikes down to get one last Pickle Ball game in.   We played boys against the girls.  There was a nice man there who helped us with the actual rules.  Becki and I are sure this is the reason the guys won both games.  They wouldn't let us make up our own rules.  The guys have decided that they are going to work on getting pickle ball courts made in our home town.  We seem to know several tennis players our age who are now feeling their age and knee replacements, etc are happening.  Pickle ball is much easier on the "senior" bodies, so hoping that this will catch on in Bartlesville. 
     Our friends from Bartlesville, Diane and George are in Mesa visiting George's parents.  They came to visit our RV park and to tour our little homes away from home.
Babe trying to get her back scratched by Becki.

The guys discussing something earth shattering, I am sure.

We all went to this restaurant for dinner.

     Including some misc. pictures of the RV park.  Decided since it was the last day, we had better get some shots.
These people put plastic flowers on their cactus.  It fooled us!

One of the main streets.  Superstition Mountains in background.

While the ladies exercised in the pool, we lounged in the hot tub and chairs.

Bye, bye, Weavers Needle

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  1. Looks like a nice RV park. Seems warmer than LV. In the 30's at night and 50's day. Windy too. Glad you have had a great trip. Safe travels.
    Amy and John