Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter 2014-On our way to the Gulf Coast

January 20, 2014

     Trying to find a new spot to spend the cold months of winter is not easy.  Last year we went to Apache Junction, AZ and Desert Hot Springs, CA.  We really enjoy both places and will go back to do a lot of hikes and sight seeing we did not get done.  But this year, we decided we had better stay a little closer to home as Al is dealing with selling his mother's house.  She is in a care facility in Kansas City and if we need to get back there in a hurry, we did not want to be 4 days away.  We chose the Gulf Coast for our winter adventure.  Temperatures will not be "summer" like, but warm enough for us, and heck, who doesn't want to see the beach if you live in Oklahoma?

   A departure on Saturday was planned, but high wind warnings kept us home, which was a good thing as it seems to take us longer and longer to get everything we own into the iHome. 

  Sunday a short 5 hour drive was planned to North Little Rock, Arkansas.  We had stayed at the Downtown Riverside RV Park one other time and enjoyed the ease of getting to it and watching the river roll by.  It is not fancy, but only $22 a night it was a good place to overnight.

     After hooking up electricity and water, we took the dogs for a walk.  There is a great bridge used for biking and walking right at our park.  It was an old railroad bridge.  We walked under it, but our crazy dogs would be a handful with all the bikers going by, so did not walk on it.  At the end of the bridge is the Clinton Library.  We will come back to see it someday, as we are trying to go to president's libraries.
View from our front window of Arkansas River

Beau trying out our new "blankie".

     It was a little chilly towards morning.  Guess we didn't have the heater set low enough for it to come on.  We have a heated mattress pad over our new 3" memory foam mattress topper.  This was the first night we have slept on the memory foam.  Can't decide if we like it or not.  I felt like I was in quick sand every time I tried to turn over or move.  It just kind of sucks you back in.

      Going to post this and see if all is working well.  We hit the road about 9 this morning as we were just driving to Vicksburg, Ms.  Going to stay here for two nights.  Lots of Civil War history.    

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