Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arriving in Eagle Nest Monday, Aug 1

We left Amarillo about 9 a.m.  Babe and Beau only asked "are we there yet?" about 20 times.

 They got tired of seeing nothing but this scenery:

Arrived in Eagle Nest about 2:30.  Uneventful drive except for a wrong turn or two.   Setting up the trailer is always nerve wracking for me.  Maybe it will get easier the more we do it.  I am always waiting for the trailer to fall on it's face when we unhook from the truck or go galloping down the hill without us.  This was our first experience with having to level one side of the camper by rolling it up on big lego type blocks.   The Golden Eagle RV Park has it's good and bad.  Bad, we are parked in a row very closely.  Good, we do have a nice view.
 Good: The people are very friendly, nice bath house and is a very central location.  (the rv park, not the bath house).
Bad:  There are a zillion dogs here which makes it very challenging with two dogs who would just as soon eat a dog as look at it.  We had one run in almost immediately with Babe.  Al was taking her out and had the leash loosely in his hand when she saw a cute little fluffy dog.  Immediately took after it, pulling the leash out of Al's hand.  All I heard was screaming.  Luckily the dog was not hurt and the lady quit screaming.   So, we are now known as the people with the mean dog who did not have their dog on a leash.  I really don't blame the lady.  It was totally our fault, and I would be upset if some dog attacked our sweet little things.  So the new rule in our house is to have our hands through the leash loop and a good hold on it.  We open the door, peer out to see if the coast is clear, then carefully go to the end of the camper, peer again down the road, cross, make it to the dog walk area.  Then we have to scope it out to see if anyone else is walking their dogs then if the coast is clear, they get to do their business.   We then repeat the process in reverse.   Here are the little angels waiting for Al:
I am afraid my non-dog friends will become a little bored with all this, but my Zim family will understand this all.
Back to the Good:

A woman opens this little chuck wagon every morning at 7 a.m.  We have breakfast vouchers and can use them to upgrade to other types of breakfast.  She makes all the bread and has huge cinnamon rolls on certain mornings.  The coffee is free and plentiful.  You can sit outside (which we do every morning with the sun shinning on us) or they have a nice club house room.

Bad:  There is not a grocery store in town, nor was there a restaurant open where we could grab a quick bite.  We were tired and just wanted to get something quick.  Luckily, I had put a box of coconut shrimp in the freezer before we left and stuck in a few new potatoes.  So, that was our first "home cooked" meal.

By the way, I am not a solitary drinker.  Al had a beer!  You just can't see it.
That was the end of our first day.  Oh, guess I forgot to tell you all how nice and cool it is here.  We just keep going outside and reveling in it.  It is just so refreshing.   Oh, I see I don't have any followers on my blog site.  Maybe I am just blathering to myself!  You can also subscribe by email at the bottom of the blog.  I realize that I am being a little egotistical here and assuming that everyone is really, really interested in our lives on the road.   I am mainly using this blog so I can do a digital scrapbook easily.

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