Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, Aug 4th Day of Rest.

Usual morning routine, up at 6, walk dogs, drink coffee, watch news, then to the Chuck Wagon for breakfast with the family.

Took the dogs for a walk in the state park area that is right across the street from the campground.   The Eagle Nest lake is in the state park and used to be a huge lake.  They are so dry that it is pitiful.  We walked out on the lake bed and were amazed when we looked back and realized where the shoreline used to be.

You can see where the flowers stop.  That is the old shoreline.

Babe in the lake bed.

Babe, wishing she had sunglasses.
Golf was on when we got back from our walk, so we watched Tiger play for a bit.  I took a nap while Al tied flies.  I also worked on this blog.  It is hard to find time in our busy day to put this all together!  :))
Steve, Kathi, and Martha drove to Red River and looked at our next campground and decided to extend their stay a couple of days and got a campsite.
After they got back, we went to their FW for a little conversation and serious truck talk.

I cooked another meal.  We had what I thought were chicken tenders, shared a baked potato and fixed a salad.   After the first bite of the chicken tenders we realized they were baby fish sticks.  So I don't read labels!  I just look at pictures and did not see one fish on the package.
The quiet day was nice, but tomorrow we will be on the run again!  Vietnam Memorial here we come.

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  1. We found the memorial very interesting. Went there with Manley's (and maybe Thiessens) several years ago.