Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday Aug. 3

     The dogs must have figured out their clocks as they slept til 6 this morning!   Al's brother came about 6:45 and talked for awhile and then we all went down to the Chuck Wagon for our breakfast.
I just can't describe what a treat it is to sit outside on a cool morning with the warm sun on you.

     Martha had an appointment at 12:15 in Angel Fire at the clinic, so we all drove in.  I can't say enough about how nice they all were to her.  With her age, 91, and her language barrier, plus being pretty deaf, they did a great job.  We finally came to the conclusion that maybe she had a kidney stone.  She was feeling much better that morning, so they decided to not do anything.  We did track down her doctor in Kansas City.  It was a Dr. Patell, but when she would say it and spell it, it sounded like Badell.  The nurse was looking up drs. in KC, and I was on my Iphone searching, and I was coming up with nothing.  I finally had her write it down and we then saw the mistake we were making.  They got her info faxed and we were able to leave.  Al and I drove up to the Angel Fire Country Club and looked around, but we decided we did not want to spend $89 a person to play.  I know it would be a great course, but we are just doing other things this trip.
     Decided we had better do a little laundry while we had a few hours free.  They had a nice laundry room, if a laundry room can be considered nice.
That's our laundry going round and round!

  Al walked into town to visit a fly shop.
     I did not have to cook, as we went up to Steve's FW and they cooked steaks.  I did make a salad!!

Kathy has a nice big kitchen, but look what happens when you have a kitchen!  You have to cook.

Al admiring the bigger TV.

Martha telling Al a very interesting story!

Steve, Martha & Al

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