Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuesday, Aug 9 Where's Martha?

Had a nice omelette that Kathi fixed.  We really do sound like moochers don't we?  I did bring chopped mushrooms and chopped the other veggies for her.  I am such a help!
After getting cleaned up we decided to go into town and do a little of the tourist thing.  It was then that we discovered we could not find Martha.  She had gone for a walk and was no where to be seen.  Steve and Al were very concerned as there are not that many roads in the park and driving around they could not find her.  I was just afraid she had fallen by the stream and could not get up, as she did not take her cane.  Kathi and I were going to be a little embarrassed when we had to report her missing and couldn't remember what she had on.  We decided we will take a picture of her every morning!  :)))))  Asked a family on bikes if they had seen her.  They came back a little later and said they talked to her and told her the family was worried about her.  She told them she didn't know why we were worried about her, she had just taken a walk.  I figured even if she got confused about where she was, she is smart enough to stay on the road or ask for help.  She had a grand walk and had to use the restroom, so had gone into the laundry mat and then started talking to people.  When we couldn't see her on the road, that is where she was.   Very nice walk for her, but gave us quite a fright.  If she wasn't 92, we wouldn't worry about her.
After that heart racing even, we loaded up and went into town.  There is a ski lift that takes you to the top of the mountain.  We decided to do that.  Al and I were senior rate and Martha was free.  The ticket guy said they should pay her to ride!
Kathi, Martha, Steve

Al on ski lift

10,350 feet

Martha was not satisfied with her walk this morning, she wanted to go hiking up the mountain ski trail.  Al and Steve went with her.  When they got to the top Al said some yodeling took place!
Kathi and I stayed back and fed the little ground squirrels/chipmonks

On the way down!

They were very nice and stopped the lift so Martha could get off.  Of course, she then wanted to have a conversation with the ski lift guy while everyone was dangling in the air waiting for it to start again.  We hustled her off and kept her moving so the next chair wouldn't topple her over!

That evening we took them all out for dinner as it was their last night here.  Went to a Mexican restaurant that has been here for over 30 years.  Martha said she didn't like Mexican food, but we thought we could find her something to eat.  I picked out a grilled chicken salad in a taco bowl.  She thought that sounded good.  When it arrived it was almost as big as she is.  Her eyes got big and she could not imagine that she could eat it all.  The waitress assured her that she would bring her a to go box.  She had never seen a taco bowl, so I showed her how to break it off and eat it with her salad.  We were all busy talking and eating our own great food.  Looked over, and she had eaten the whole thing except for a few pieces of lettuce.  It was amazing.  
Then they brought out sopillias (sp) and I showed them all how to eat them with the honey poured in the little pocket.  Martha said she could only eat a bite, so we had the waitress bring her a to go box for that.  The waitress was so nice and talked so Martha could hear her and told her that Martha had put a smile on her face as she had never seen someone so tiny eat so much and enjoy it so much!  She got a good tip!


  1. It just sounds like you're having an amazing time. What great memories you're making. Keep enjoying and keep adding to your blog. I know I'm enjoying it!

  2. Wonderful memories you're making Cathie. I'm enjoying this blog so much...thanks.