Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monday, Aug 8 On to Red River!

After breakfast we started the major packing up of the FW.   Steve finished his before us so came down to help.  He has had more experience!  He also brought his little air pump (put on our need list) so Al could check the tires and pump them up.
Packing up.
As much as I had visions of Lucy and Ricky in the Long, Long Trailer (a must see if you have not seen it), we made it over the pass and back down without any problems.  I think I still have teeth left after all the gritting of them as we went around curves, etc.
Pulled into our new campground and got registered.
The office
Steve in front, us behind

Martha-picture op!
 We found our campsites and set up.  We got backed in relatively easily.  Always have to make sure there is room for the slide to come out.  Got it level pretty easily.  I always hate this part as I am the one who has to stick the little blocks under the wheels so he can back on them to make one side a little higher than the other.   There are two tires on each side and I have to place the blocks in the right spot so that when he backs onto them, both tires are on the blocks at the right place.  I know, sounds easy, but I am always worried I will have them in the wrong spot.
After lunch we visited Steve's site and tried to get them hooked up to Skype.  Their daughter just moved to Virginia so they wanted to Skype with them.  The wifi here is verrrrry, verrry slow, so it was quite a challenge for Al.  He finally brought it up to our FW to work on it.   I put it on my computer, just to see if I could get it any faster.  It did seem to work a little better on my Apple.  Finally got both working, so I was outside, Al was inside and we were Skyping!
Martha amazed that she can see her granddaughter in Virginia.

Al getting Skype set up.
Sorry those last two pictures are backwards, but the internet is too slow for me to fix it.
That evening we brought hot dogs and buns.  After dinner we sat around the campfire.
Cooking the hot dogs.   We need one of these grills also!

Campfire was great.

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  1. Oh my, your list of "must-haves" is getting longer!