Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the way to cool, cool New Mexico!

We are sitting here in cool 60 degree sunny weather.  Almost embarrassed to blog this for all you readers in the 112 degree heat.
 The dogs are seatbelted in and ready to go.  Poor Babe, she shook for about 30 minutes thinking we were taking her to the kennel.  It was so humid and hot that morning that my camera lens fogged over when I took it outside.

We left Bartlesville on July 31 and drove to Amarillo, Tx for an overnight stay.  We really do recommend the Overnight RV Park.  Drive through sites, swimming pool, dog runs, even spots with your private dog run.  We did not get one of these as our dogs only go out to potty and then beg to come in.  It took a bit for the FW to cool down, but not bad.  We did not unhook the truck so we just walked across the highway to a truck stop that had Micky D's and Subway.   As we were walking across the nice grassy spot before the parking lot the sprinklers suddenly came on and we had a nice cooling experience.  I think I might have even jogged a little bit to reach dry land.  

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