Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunday, Aug. 7 Restocking day!

Today we drove to Taos to do some grocery shopping and camper supplies.  Stopped at Walmart and Albertsons.  The grocery store is Red River is small and expensive, so we wanted to get enough food for the rest of the trip.  Also stopped at a fly fishing store.  Alfie forgot his stacker (a device used in making your own flies) and we thought maybe we could find an inexpensive one.  He really didn't want to buy another expensive one as he has two at home.  Did not find one, but got him a pair of sunglasses that go entirely over his glasses.  He thinks they will be good for golf.
We did laundry and watched golf and went to Steve and Kathi's for spaghetti.  I brought a salad, so we were not complete moochers. 

Sitting by the chimenea was something we only did one night.  A lot of the extended stay people go down every night and share lots of stories.

Tomorrow is moving day, so we headed home and packed up as much stuff as we could.  Much easier just moving from one site to another on the same day.  We could leave a lot of items in the trailer and not have to pack the truck up.  We are excited about our new campsite in Red River. 

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  1. I actually believe I could make lasagna if I were there!