Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Boat Trip Through the Swamp

After the butterfly house we walked over to the boat dock for our ride through the "swamp".  As we were told on the ride, this is not really a swamp, but more of a lake.  Has all the characteristics of a swamp, except for the occasional drying up periods that swamps have.
You could take a boat and paddle around yourself.

We opted for the guided boat tour. 
It was an amazing day.  Sun out, right temperature and no wind.  We were enthralled with all we were seeing.

Can't get enough of the moss.

Look at that beautiful reflection in the water!

And of course, this is what we were looking for!

After the boat ride, we took a walk on the trails around the park.
This is not a comforting sign.

The cypress knees were fascinating.  A little info:

 If you are in Charleston, this is one of the most interesting and fun places we have been.  It was also not that expensive.  I think it is $9 and $5 for the boat ride.

We finished the day back at the campground with a nice bike ride.   We love the trails around here for the bike riding. 

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