Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Day - Catching up

Sunday, February 19

It rained all night last night and has continued off and on all morning.  We made a trip to the grocery store yesterday, as we knew the rain was coming.  It has been rather nice to have a day with nothing on the agenda except two loads of laundry. 
I think I have neglected to post the website for the campground we are staying in.  It came recommended to me by several people on an rv forum.   I am glad we found it.  James Island County Park & campground
For the first two weeks, the campground has been only about 1/10 full.  No one camped by us, and a few big RV's parked across from us that came and went.  It has been very peaceful.
There is lots of vegetation between sites and no sites behind us.  Just trees.
Even when an RV moved in next to us, it was way back behind our behind the cedar trees, so we don't really see them until we go out the door.  Their picnic table is on the other side, so we don't see them outside.
The Charleston school system has a Friday and Monday holiday, so Thursday night the rigs started rolling in.  By Friday evening, almost all campsites were full.  Goodbye, peaceful, hello kids.  They are doing what kids do, running, riding bikes, yelling, hollering, and lots of screaming.  All that is fine, until about 11:00 pm when we are wanting to go to bed.   I think the newness has worn off, as the next night was a lot quieter and last night it rained so kept them inside.   We know that they will all be rolling out tomorrow and then all will be peaceful again.
Steve and Kathi's daughter, Stephanie and her husband Mark arrived today for a couple days visit.  I think they went to the City Market today.  We opted to just stay here and chill!

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