Thursday, February 9, 2012

They shrunk the coffee?

While at the Bi-Lo grocery store I was glad to see they stocked the K cups for our Keurig.  The only thing is, they are in little boxes of only 10 and 12 cups.  They were like cute little miniature boxes.  Odd.

On Wednesday, Feb 9th we decided to take a Grey Line bus tour of Charleston.  We opted for the 2 hour tour, as we were afraid we might not get back from the 3 hour tour.  (ok, everyone sing the song).  It took us all around Charleston with lots of info.  Our tour guide was quite chatty.  To my book club  group, we were "South of Broad".  Very interesting to see the houses, landmarks, etc.

We stopped at the seawall, for lack of the right word, where southern ladies and their escorts would promenade on a Sunday afternoon. 
 Notice the wide side walks so there was room for the hoop skirts!  Love it. 
Scarlett, is that you?

Here we are!
Our tour bus
We ended the two hour tour at the Joseph Manigault House.  The Charleston Museum has purchased it and is still working on restoration of the upper floors.  It was an interesting little tour and a nice way to end the tour. 

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 I am trying not to bore you with too many of my pictures.  Just
took a couple of inside shots

We also had a nice bike ride on this day.  Steve and Kathi got their bikes going and we enjoyed the sunshine. 
This is Steve and Kathi's campsite.  They did not like their first spot and changed to this one.  It has more room to sit outside.


  1. don't ever feel like you bore us with pictures...we love pictures. I for one would like to see pictures of Charleston. It looks like a very nice place

    Just BS! (Bob and Sue)

  2. Love it! You and Al are grooving with the new rig.