Sunday, February 5, 2012

Charleston bound!

February 5, 2011. Stone Mountain Park Campground, Georgia

It only took us two days, but I think we got the contents of our brick house into our home on wheels! Not, really, but with each load out, I was just sure we were emptying the house. Have never packed to be gone for 6 weeks before.
Al had done a little contract job in Wichita, and before that had gone to Kansas City to see his mom and vist our son and family. He got home Tuesday evening, sneezing and sniffing. Not a good omen. Wednesday and Thursday we packed, packed, packed, checked, checked, checked, and packed more. He takes care of all the outside "man" stuff, and I do the inside. Hmmmm, just like at home. Finally we were packed and ready to head out on Friday morning.
Thursday evening we had some friends over to "view" and christen the rv. I have thought long and hard about a name for this big boy, (that being one of them). As I was sitting with my MacBook on my lap, my iPhone in my hand, and the iPad on the table, it came to me! iHome! That is it's new name. Some people have suggested that Apple might take exception to this, but we won't tell if you don't. We are not going to emblazon it on the sides in 2 foot letters or anything. Actually, maybe they should pay us to do just that! What great advertising. So, we all had a toast to the iHome and went out to dinner. We also received a very nice bon voyage gift basket with lots of munchies, chocolates, and the fixins for mimosas! The champagne is chilling waiting for the perfect brunch. Our great camp spot here seems to be having trouble with wifi and am writing this on the iPad as it has 3G. Blogger does not seem to let me post pics from the iPad, so will have to finish up this exciting first Charleston Adventure post when I can use my Mac. Trust me, I will be down at the office politely complaining as soon as we get up and about.

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