Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laundry and Alligators?

Tuesday (we think it is Tuesday) started out with the windshield repair, laundry, and a little bike ride.  While doing the laundry we took a little stroll over to the lake beside the laundry facility.    This is the sign we found!
 Don't feed the alligators?  Do people really need to be told this?  And personally, I think if there are hungry alligators, there are probably no ducks to feed!  And I really don't think we would harass an alligator.  Not a smart thing to do. 
We pulled the dogs in closer and peered at the lake, but saw no eyes peering back at us.  Al and Beau opted for a nice safe spot on the swing.

Al's brother, Steve and his wife Kathi, arrived about 4 after we had a nice bike ride.  There are wonderful walking and bike trails right out our door. 
Al borrowed a bike from our son, Cameron.  Thanks, Cam!

After Steve and Kathi got settled in, we all went to the grocery store and bought our needed supplies.  And beer and wine!  I just love grocery stores that sell wine.  What a great idea!  Oklahoma does not allow this.  It might be time to move!

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