Friday, February 17, 2012

The Fleet is In-February 15-Wednesday

A week ago Wednesday as we were leaving the park and passing by the lake, we saw all these model sail boats on the lake.  We found out that they meet every Wednesday and Sunday so today we rode our bikes to watch and find out what kind of fun they were having.

I love their little "dry docks".

There were four markers in the lake and they had several races while we were there.  They were run just like a regular regatta.  They all had to line up and not cross the start line until the starter's gun went off.  They ran a rectangular course.  The wind was spotty and at times they were without wind, then it would come across the lake and one by one they would all take off again.  Some of the finishes were quite exciting.  As can be expected, the men (and a few women) were all retired and having a great time.  There was lots of bantering going on and "protests" if a boat bumped into another one, etc.

The "captains" walk up and down the shoreline controlling the sails and rudders during the race.  Rounding the mark is quite tricky and requires expertise.

Steve and Kathi watching the races.
One of the "old guys" let Al try his hand at sailing.  I think there was an ulterior motive, as he had a boat for sale.  We had to drag Captain Al away as we had places to go that afternoon-Cypress Gardens!

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  1. That looks like a fun afternoon. Those boats look amazing. Goes to show we just never know what we are going to happen across while traveling.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)