Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fort Johnson-Where are you?

Friday evening  February 16

After our tour of Ft. Moultrie a few days ago, Al has wanted to find Ft. Johnson, where the shot was fired on Ft. Sumter to start the civil war.  Much to his disappointment, he was told that it no longer stands and there is only a marker. 
Fort Johnson  Go to that link and read the short history on it.  It won't take long and will explain it all. 
It took us a little bit of hunting, but we finally found the marker. 
Al was a happy camper! 

This was pretty much the site of the fort.  The mound in the middle of the picture in the water is Fort Sumter.  Al is not directionally challenged, he is just taking a picture of something else at the moment.  We also found one building, so all was not lost.
This is the only building left standing.  Could not resist the picture with the live oak.
Plaque on the wall of the building.

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