Monday, February 6, 2012

First night on the road

Posted-February 6, 2011

Our first night on the road found us in West Memphis, Ark.  We stayed at the Tom Sawyer Campground right on the Mississippi River.  It was almost dark when we got there, but we had a nice pull through site and were hooked up in no time.  Love those push button levelers.  
We basically just had a beer, dinner and went to bed.  Took a few pictures as we were getting ready to leave.  The river was so close, that when it started to rain in the night, I wondered if we would float away.
 We could hear the barges going down the river.  It was a nice, comforting sound, not bothersome.
 The iHome with no friends around.

This was our first night with the dogs in this motor home.  The bed is very high and they can not get a running jump to get up on it.  Babe sleeps with us, so we put a foot stool up so she could get up.  She did this with no problem.  Not so, Beau.  We showed him how to get up, but no way could he figure out how to get down.
 Beau waiting for help.  Not the brightest!

Babe has taken over my Euro Chair. 

Saturday, Feb. 4th, we headed out for Stone Mountain, Ga.  We were glad we were going through Atlanta on a Saturday.   Al had seen the carving on Stone Mountain years ago when he was working in the area, and wanted me to see it.
Easier if you all read the info yourself on Stone Mountain.   When we arrived at the campground, we found we had been upgraded to a nicer site.  It is a really nice campground on the lake, with golf courses, lazer light shows, etc.  We were backed right up to a tent only campground that was closed for the season, so had a great place to walk the dogs.  The only downside was the wifi was terrible.  Of course, it was supposed to work, and they reset it, etc, but never really got good coverage.  We did spend two restful nights there and Al tried to recover from his cold.  
Sorry,  I can't get enough of looking at our iHome.

 Closed campgound behind us.
 Another empty campground.  It was a perfect time of the year to be here.

 Al relaxing and reading his Kindle.
 Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, just in case you didn't know.  We had a bonfire and fixed hotdogs.  Had a can of chili and was going to fix nachos, but the store was totally out of any kind of corn chips.  So, we had chili dogs. 


  1. iWelcome the iHome to share the roads. Good to see you rolling

    Just BS! (Bob and Sue)