Friday, February 10, 2012

Fort Moultrie

Thursday, Feb. 9--A trip to Fort Moultrie

It was a beautiful morning, and after drinking our coffee, reading our emails, and finally getting the day started, we took a bike ride down to the lake/pond. 

A rest stop on our ride.  The day before there were a number of men sailing their little remote controlled sail boats on this lake.  We were hoping they would be here today.  We will make a point of going next week on Wednesday.  We hope it is a weekly sail day.

The four of us decided to go to Fort Moultrie as we could drive to it.  It is located on Sullivan's Island.  It was really an easy drive and we got to drive over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  It is the second longest cable stayed bridge in the western hemisphere.  The main span is 1546 ft and cost 700 million.  It was completed in 2005.  It is really a pretty bridge from afar.  My pics don't do it justice.

We stopped in the Ft. Moultie visitor's center and bought our lifetime senior National Park Passes.  We have been waiting to purchase these.  One of the best benefits of old age.

We watched the short movie on the history of the fort and one of the volunteers (who also happened to be camping) asked if we would like a tour, so we got a personal tour.

This was an actual hole in the wall where a cannon ball hit during the civil war.

 Ft. Moultrie has defended Charleston Harbor twice, in 1776 during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.
It was a little breezy standing in the open by the water, so we made a stop at a nice coffee shop and got a bit to eat.  My latte was delicious.  But the sticky bun was even better.
Al's lemon bar
My sticky bun!  Yum

One last stop for the day was the last light house to be built in the United States.  Sullivan Island lighthouse was built in 1962.  It is the second brightest in the western hemisphere.
It is also triangular in shape.

This is really an interesting lighthouse, and I hope you take time to look at the link.  My picture with my Iphone just can not capture it. 

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