Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Charles Towne Landing

Friday February 17

If you ever visit Charleston, don't miss this gem.  We almost didn't go, as there was not much written up about it, and it was very inexpensive.  We figured how good could it be if it only cost $7. 50.   But, we had a nice day and thought we would give it a try.  It was also only about 5 miles from where we were.  Old Charles Towne Landing
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site sits on a marshy point, located off of the Ashley River, where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established what would become the birthplace of the Carolinas colony.

The interactive  museum in the visitor's center is one of the best I have seen.  Just enough info and hands on displays to keep you interested.  It did not overload us with too much info.

The audio tour was $5 with a special of buy one get one free.  What a deal.  We were very glad that we did spring for the audio tour, as it was very interesting and we were not just wandering around reading the signs.
Al leading us in the right direction.

Beautiful old live oak.
Replica of a 17th century trading vessel called a ketch.

cannons to protect the colony
Tempting Fate
We strolled through the beautiful grounds where a private home had been built.
The Legare-Waring House

this tree is 700 years old!  Imagine that!

They also have a little animal compound with the animals that would have been found there in the 1700's.  It was a nice little natural habitat.

One of the main things we learned today:

 Oysters live in these little clumps!  I thought they just crawled around on the bottom of the ocean and dug into the sand.  We had no idea!   Land Locked Okies!

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