Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good-bye, Mr. Chip!

Either the first day or the second on the road, we received a nice fat chip in the windshield.  It was about in the middle and about 12 inches from the top.  Al noticed it when washing the windshield at the Stone Mountain Campground.   We called Coach Net (which we had just joined) for help in finding a glass repair shop.  They suggested Guardian Glass, which we called on Monday morning.  They took our info and we told them there was a shop in Athens we could get to (I had looked them up online) on our way to Charleston.  We were supposed to hear from them in an hour.  We got ready to leave, made a swing by the Stone Mountain carving, and had not heard from them.  Decided to forgo Athens and find something in Charleston. 
I had posted a question about our problem on one of the Class A forums I read and got several replies about Safelite Glass.  I called their 800 number, and we sat back and they took over.  Arranged for a mobile shop to come out the next morning, as we would not get into Charleston until about 4, got all our insurance info, the name of our insurance man and sent us emails confirming all this.  That evening we received an email from them with the name and picture of the tech who would come out.  He called the next morning and was there within the time he stated.  Very personable young man.  We had a nice chat while he worked the magic on the windshield.  You can hardly tell anything has been done to the windshield and the cost was only $65 which the insurance took care of.  They did it all for us.  All we had to do was sign.  Needless to say, we would recommend them to everyone.

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