Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beach Day!

Sunday, February 9

     What can you say about perfect days?  It was perfect.  We decided a walk on the beach was the way to spend the morning.   Drove down to Gulf Shores, it takes us about 15 minutes if we don't hit the stop lights right.  Parked the car and set out walking.  Once again, we did not bring anything to collect shells in, so will get them the next time.   Nor did we bring our beach chairs, cooler, lunch, etc.  We are slow learners.  We walked and walked and enjoyed the morning. 

 We stopped into a  couple of tourist trap shops looking at
all the "stuff" you could buy.  We only came home with a pair of
shorts for Al.  The entrance to the store was a large shark.  Interesting.  I am sure the little kids love it.


Beau in the dog park.

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  1. Nothing more relaxing than a walk on beach. Have you found any sand dollars?