Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Business and Happy Hour

Monday, February 10

     Al's 94 year old mother has been in a care facility in Kansas City for about a year now.  The boys decided that the house needed to be sold.  Trying to keep it up, pay the bills, insurance, etc was just not necessary.  It was costing money and time and the funds are needed for her care.  Getting the house empty was not quite as hard as we expected, with a lot of the bigger items being taken by family members.  We were very lucky to have my niece and her husband as our realtors.  They have gone way out of their way to help get the house ready for sale and finding buyers before it was even on the market.  They found us a great buyer who is basically redoing the inside and will use it as a rental, if he doesn't decide to sell it.  Of course, all this has transpired while we are on the road, so yesterday was taken up with faxes, waiting for UPS deliveries, finding a notary, overnighting documents, etc.
It is amazing how much time that can take.   The closing should be on Friday.  It will be nice not to have to worry about the house and wondering what might break before they could sell it.   She has lived in it since 1967.
     While we were doing that, Al's younger brother took her to a throat specialist.  She is having trouble swallowing and eating.  We are so glad they are there to be able to be with her at the doctors.  Last week she had tried to get out of her wheel chair and fell and cut her head.  They took her to the emergency room for xrays and stitches.  Luckily, Al's middle brother was on his way to the care facility, so went on over to the emergency room and stayed with her til she went back to the care facility. 

     After all the running around we made it to happy hour at the club house.  Met some more people and had a great time talking to them.  We stayed for game night and played a golf game with cards. 

This is the Gotcha game board.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Al's mom took a fall, hope she is feeling better very soon. It''s nice that a family member has been available when needed. Moving things out and selling a place can be so much work, glad you had help getting that done and that it is selling so quickly.