Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

February 14,   Friday

     It was a fun day of not doing a whole lot.  Grocery shopping another trip to the Tanger Outlet Mall.  IZOD had a 15% off coupon on the day's sale and major sales.  Al got another pair of golf pants and shorts and I got two golf tops.  Then we went to a discount golf store and I found a short sleeve golf jacket I have been needing, and it was on sale.  So, it was a good day for me.
    In the afternoon we thought a trip into Foley to an old drugstore was a good idea.   We had been told to get the KeyLime shake.  Our friends Ann and Paul went with us.  It is still a working pharmacy and they deliver prescriptions for free in a '31 Model A.  The drug store opened in 1929.
     There were a lot of model airplanes hanging from the ceilings.  Guess it is a guy thing.

     Our new friends Ann and Paul from the Syracuse, NY area.  They are so glad they are not at home. 
The final product!  The Key Lime shake was good, but I was a little disappointed to see them making it with Key Lime ice cream.  I thought for sure they would use real juice.

     The Bella Terra RV resort was having a Valentine's dinner.  They provided cheese manicotti and meat balls and all the residents brought a side dish.  Happy hour was at 5, and then they were having a vow renewal for any couples that wanted to join in.  Of course, we were not going to miss happy hour, so got there and found a table and our little group of new friends soon started gathering.  Before we knew it, we were all involved in the vow renewal.  It was kind of like being in church when they say "let's all pray".  There you are and what is there to do but go along with it, whether you feel like praying or not.
So, it was relatively painless, and the minister added a lot of levity to it.  After we "kissed our spouses" we were able to eat.  So, it had it's reward. 
Now we are good for another 44 years!
     Our dinner companions:

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  1. What a nice idea. Sounds like that resort does it all. Are you going to be there for the Mardi Gras Trip?