Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just Doing A Lot of Nothing!

Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014                                                           Foley, Ala

     The title says it all.  It has been so nice here since the big freeze, that we have been taking full advantage of the sun and warm temperatures.   I am determined to get rid of some of this weight I have gained since my broken ankle and take several walks a day.  They are not great long walks, but trying to work up to more minutes and steps.
Just sitting in the sun with my lily white legs.
     We also brought out our zero gravity recliners to enjoy the sun and read on our Kindles.  Al is back to reading War and Peace.   I am reading The Boys in the Boat, about the 1936 Olympic Rowing team from the US.  It is our book club pick for the month.  Quite appropriate.  I checked the book out from the OK Virtual Library.  It is really a great benefit of our libraries.  The book is checked out for 2 weeks, just like a regular book, and it is loaded on your Kindle.
     It was a good day to do some laundry, so while it was washing Al got to practice his fly fishing casting on the lake.  I rode my bike .  It was such a nice day!

Al is the black dot in the foreground.  Club house in background.
    Just had to include a picture of our flag that our traveling buddies, Gene and Becki, got us for Christmas.  Unfortunately, she had to have neck surgery and they were not able to join us this winter.   Now people will know our names and where we are from.

  The best part of the day was to see the propane truck pull up in front.  The filled our tank and we are good to go.  Just let cold weather come again.   We actually did not use as much as we thought.  Yes, we do have an indicator on the tank, but we did not know if it was reading right, as we have never used the heater like this before and it seemed like it had to be using it all up and it kept saying 2/3 full.   Anyway, I was very happy to see that truck.  Of course, I don't think we have run the heater since it was filled.

     Friday evening we went to the clubhouse and met with Paul and Ann to play a game of Gotcha.  It is a board game similar to Sorry, but using a deck of cards.  They had the board made.  I have tried to find the game online, but have not had any luck.  There is a Gotcha game, but it is more of an adult game.  Not sure if this is just one of those games that starts in a campground and the rules and boards are passed from one person to the next.  
     Saturday we went to the Farmer's Vegetable and Fish Market.  Everything has to be produced in Alabama.  We bought some beautiful bib lettuce, satsumas, (a little tangerine type fruit I had never seen) and two homemade burritos for our lunch.
     Al and Dan had a tee time at 11:50.  Dan and Ann have been here since December and she has been finding activities to keep her busy.  There is a weaving store here and she bought a small triangle loom  (all my fiber friends, you remember these from about 20 years ago) and was going back to the store, so I rode along with her.  I have to say it did not make me want to delve into this.  I think my workshop in the Navajo rug loom years ago was enough.  She did have some beautiful yarns.  One very colorful mardi gras ribbon yarn that I am trying to decide if I need.

     Babe has injured her back, leg, hip, we don't know what for sure.  She did this once before when we were in KC visiting Brit.  I noticed she had trouble getting up the steps into the iHome and the next time would not go down them.  She won't jump up on the chairs or the bed.  Took her out yesterday morning and she had trouble squatting and then would sit down.  Brought her in and she immediately went behind the chair and laid down.  She gobbled her food down, so like me, nothing seems to affect our appetites.  We got her some baby aspirin and she will walk around but we are restricting her activity.  Hefting a 35lb dead weight up and down stairs is quite a feat.  She was much friskier this morning and stretched and scratched, so think she is getting better.  We are going to look into a ramp for the steps.  We just realized she turned 9 in January.
Babe in her "safe" place behind driver's chair.

    As everyone knows, today is Super Bowl Sunday!  There is a chili contest at the clubhouse.  Those who want are bringing chili for a tasting and the rest of us are bringing snacks.  They have have huge screen tv so a big watch party is planned.  They provide the beer and pop, so you know everyone will be there.  It is cloudy and chance of rain today, so great day for inside game watching.   But, it is WARM!


  1. Like the banner. Where did she get it or did she make it? Glad your weather is improving. So sorry Babe is not doing well. Wish her a good recovery.
    Nothing wrong with doing nothing.
    Til next time

    1. Amy, she got the banner from Just do a search on rv flags, I think. It is embroidered to order. Babe is doing better today after a visit to the vet and a lazer treatment.