Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Rotary Meeting that Was!

February 19,  Wednesday

     After our experience last week of going to the Rotary meeting site in Perdigo, and finding out it had been moved but they didn't know where, we were a little apprehensive today.  Al found a meeting in Fairhope, a very quaint little town about 30 miles from here.  The town reminded me a lot of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   There was a very nice buffet set up and huge pans of pecan pies!  We passed several businesses selling pecans and saw pecan groves.  Reminded us of home.   Very nice meeting.  I sat next to a man who had been an aeronautical engineer at NASA in Houston for 40 years and came back to this area when he retired.

His "proof of meeting" card.
     There was a fly fishing shop in Fairhope that Al stopped into.  Then we went by Camping World again.  We had a $10 voucher burning a hole in our pocket.  We also checked out a couple of Class A motorhomes, but didn't find one we would trade ours for.  I wish they would let me design one.  The dogs needed food, so also stopped at Tractor Supply.

     This evening we went back to the Squashed Grape for a wine tasting of wines from Germany and Austria.  Have to say they were definitely better than the Alabama wines.

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