Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scrapbook and Blog?

Wednesday, February 5         

    I am a big scrapbooker, but am always at least 3 trips behind.  My good friend, Sue, and I really like to buy and organize supplies more than we actually like to scrap, I think.   I brought supplies to do a modified kind of scrapbook so I could scrap as I went along on the trip.  Yesterday when I was thinking about my blog, I realized I was doing everything twice.  I would blog, then I would scrap.  Same pictures, same wording, etc.  Light bulb finally went off.  I could just publish my blog as a book and have an instant scrap book.  Well, maybe not so instant.
     Went to my good friend Google and found several sites that will print your blog as a book.  I picked Blurb as it was close to the top of the and supported Blogger.  Real scientific, I know.   It automatically imports your blog and pictures.  I do have to finagle the text around and the pictures, but I am getting the hang of it.  So, now the pressure is off to scrap!
      First order of business today was to go to the office and extend our stay here.  We had only spoken for 5 weeks, but think we will stay here til we head for home. 
     Today the sun came out and we did some more of that strenuous reading on our Kindles.
     Al took my Townie Electra bike into the bike shop to have a little tuning done on it.  The brakes and gears needed a little attention. 

     At 3pm a movie was showing in the clubhouse, This is 40.  It is an adult comedy.  They provide pop and popcorn.  We were the only ones watching for a few minutes, then our new friends from NY, Anne and Paul came in.  We all had a few good laughs at the movie, but it was definitely an R rated.  We did have to think back a ways to remember 40. 
     After the movie we went to Waffle House for a breakfast/dinner.  Had a great omelette.


  1. Thanks for recommending Blurb. Will check it out. Tried printing entries,but with so many that gets expensive. By the way I use Text Wrangler to write my text then paste to blog. Saves internet time.
    Babe is so cute. Do hope she recovers soon.

  2. What a wonderful idea, having your blog printed. Certainly will save a lot of time. Most of us have some difficulty remembering "40"... lol Oh and I'm concerned about you exerting yourselves lounging in the sun, reading on your Kindles. Don't over do it !